OCA Encourages Supreme Court to Reject Anti-Immigrant Politics

Today, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in United States v. Texas, the case that will decide the fate of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

India's Kerala Has It All: Beauty, Bananas, Long Life, Girl Power

President Obama gave a shoutout to the beauty of the "backwaters of Kerala" when he visited India last month.

Rajan Devadas: My Voyage to America

I boarded a cargo ship bound for New York — if I remember correctly, the name was Jala Halli — in December 1954.

Most Acclaimed Indian American Photojournalist Rajan Devadas Passes Away

Rajan Devadas, whose lenses chronicled US-India relations from Washington, DC, for more than half a century, passed away on Friday, December 26, according to his family. He was 93.

Indian Embassy in Washington, DC, Celebrates Diwali

Ambassador of India, Dr. S. Jaishankar, hosted Diwali function at the Embassy Residence on Sunday, October 26, 2014. The function was attended by more than 300 dignitaries.

Shanti is Celebrating its 25th Year of Service

Shanti, a registered non-profit charitable organization, is celebrating its 25th year of service this year.

Arlington Man Pleads Guilty in Drunk Driving Death

Lail has had several other charges in Northern Virginia related to drunk driving or speeding, including a driving under the influence charge in Arlington from 2010 that was pleaded down to reckless driving.

Memorial Vigil and Tribute in Ashburn VA, for Accident Victim

Memorial Vigil and Tribute to Hitendra Dhingani.
Meeting Location: Westbound on Gloucester Pkwy at the Intersection of the Tournament Pkwy.
Date/ Time: May 15th @ 7:30pm-8:00pm.


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