Religion and Spirituality

When I connected with Ganesha - in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its natural beauty, cricket and All Blacks. But this Indian business executive realized the essence of Hinduism there, through Ganesha.

US Postal Service Announces Diwali Stamp

U.S. Postal Service Honors Festival of Diwali with a Forever Stamp.

Mahabharata Comic Book Series - Now Available on the iPad

The first 2 books of the Mahabharata Comic Book Series are now released and exclusively available on the Apple iPad in iBooks.

An Enlightened Approach to Hate Crimes

Prabhjot Singh, a turbaned Sikh doctor and Columbia University professor, was surrounded recently by a gang of teenagers on bicycles who beat him, fracturing his jaw. He says they called him a "terrorist" and "Osama."

Bhoomi Puja Conducted for Hanuman Temple in Maryland

A “bhoomi puja” was conducted this past weekend in southern Maryland at the site of a new temple dedicated to the Hindu God Hanuman.

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