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Updated: 5 hours 45 min ago

Australian-British blogger and boyfriend freed from Iran jail

October 5, 2019 - 2:33am
British-Australian Jolie King and her Australian boyfriend Mark Firkin have been returned home.
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China and Taiwan clash over Wikipedia edits

October 4, 2019 - 7:26pm
Taiwanese editors suspect the Chinese government is behind edits made to the online encyclopedia.
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India's onion crisis: Why rising prices make politicians cry

October 4, 2019 - 7:12pm
The root vegetable - and its price - holds power both in and out of the kitchen.
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Methanol poisoning: Death by ignorance and taboo

October 4, 2019 - 7:08pm
Experts say treating poisoning from bootleg liquor as a moral issue not a disease is risking lives.
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India shelves crackdown on single-use plastic

October 4, 2019 - 5:13pm
India has shelved a planned crackdown on single-use plastic due to business worries over disruption.
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Hong Kong: Face mask ban prompts thousands to protest

October 4, 2019 - 3:09pm
Thousands protest at Hong Kong's new emergency measure amid reports of a teenager shot with a live round.
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Whale calf rescued from netting in Australia

October 4, 2019 - 6:04am
A young humpback whale became entangled in shark netting off the coast of Queensland.
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Hong Kong bans face masks after months of protests

October 4, 2019 - 4:45am
Leader Carrie Lam said authorities could not "just leave the situation to get worse and worse".
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Japanese car sales sink in South Korea amid trade rift

October 4, 2019 - 2:52am
Toyota says sales in South Korea have been hit by simmering tensions between Seoul and Tokyo.
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Evacuating Australia's drought-affected fish

October 3, 2019 - 8:30pm
To prevent another summer of mass fish deaths, authorities have launched a painstaking operation.
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Hong Kong protests: Rich chase golden visas as unrest simmers

October 3, 2019 - 7:03pm
Migration firms report a spike in interest from Hong Kong in schemes that offer passports for investments.
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Falling felines: Keeping cats in high-rise flats safe

October 3, 2019 - 7:00pm
If you're a cat owner in a high-rise apartment in Singapore, how do you keep your cat safe?
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Trump urges China to investigate Bidens

October 3, 2019 - 4:04pm
His comments come amid an impeachment inquiry into his interactions with Ukraine about Joe Biden.
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Hong Kong protests: Authorities to announce face mask ban

October 3, 2019 - 9:28am
Authorities plan to invoke emergency powers on Friday to impose the ban at public gatherings.
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Gandhi's ashes stolen and photo defaced on 150th birthday

October 3, 2019 - 8:59am
Thieves also defaced a poster of the independence leader at a memorial in central India.
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Wombat stoning: Australian police officer investigated over video

October 3, 2019 - 7:16am
Police are investigating the incident, which sparked outrage after it was shared on social media.
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African swine fever: Boar with virus found in demilitarised zone

October 3, 2019 - 4:36am
There has been speculation that the virus arrived in South Korea via pigs crossing the demilitarised zone.
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Poison fire coral: Deadly Asian fungus detected in Australia

October 3, 2019 - 2:06am
The poison fire coral was previously thought to be native to Japan and Korea alone, researchers say.
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Asia stocks drop as slowdown fears rattle investors

October 2, 2019 - 10:54pm
Stock markets in Asia joined a global sell-off on renewed worries about trade and the world economy.
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North Korea: 'Grave moment' as North tests missile fired from sea

October 2, 2019 - 10:41pm
Being submarine-capable means North Korea could launch missiles far outside its territory.
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