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China rolls out 'one of the world's largest' 5G networks

October 31, 2019 - 11:51pm
By the end of the year, China's will be one of the world's largest 5G deployments, state media said.
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Pakistan train fire: Are rail accidents at a record high?

October 31, 2019 - 8:25pm
Pakistan has a history of fatal railway accidents.
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Why Chinese farmers have crossed border into Russia's Far East

October 31, 2019 - 8:24pm
When farms in Russia's Far East collapsed with the old Soviet Union, Chinese firms saw an opportunity.
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18 Shades of Black: The Indian women using fashion to challenge tradition

October 31, 2019 - 8:23pm
The 18 Shades of Black campaign was inspired by the reaction to women gaining entry to a holy shrine.
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All you need is mud: Japan’s new spin on rugby

October 31, 2019 - 8:22pm
If you sign up for tambo rugby in Japan, playing dirty isn’t a choice - it’s a promise.
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How instant noodles became a million dollar idea

October 31, 2019 - 4:06pm
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how instant noodles became a million dollar idea.
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Kellinu Portelli: Cardiff dad dies on Everest charity climb

October 31, 2019 - 10:32am
Kellinu Portelli was suffering from extreme altitude sickness and was found dead at the base camp.
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Army veteran killed by single punch in Thailand

October 31, 2019 - 9:21am
Mike Jones-Mathias died 10 months after he was punched after being accused of not paying a bar bill.
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Fukushima: How baseball and Tokyo 2020 are helping the region recover from 2011 disaster

October 31, 2019 - 9:00am
In 2011, a tsunami led to a catastrophic nuclear disaster on Japan's Fukushima coast. Eight years on, the Olympics are set to arrive.
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Amelia Bambridge: Body of Cambodia backpacker found at sea

October 31, 2019 - 8:19am
Cambodian police say Amelia Bambridge was found 30 miles off the island where she was last seen.
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North Korea fires two 'ballistic missiles' into Sea of Japan

October 31, 2019 - 5:46am
If confirmed as a missile test, it would be North Korea's 12th this year.
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Australia police find 400kg of drugs in hot sauce bottles

October 31, 2019 - 3:54am
Australian authorities arrest four after finding drugs hidden in imported chilli sauce bottles.
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Qantas grounds Boeing 737 plane due to 'cracking'

October 31, 2019 - 2:39am
The airline is inspecting its 737 NG fleet after similar discoveries by regulators in the US.
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At least 60 dead in Pakistan train fire, police say

October 31, 2019 - 2:22am
The fire apparently started when a gas cylinder, being used by passengers to cook food, exploded.
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Jammu and Kashmir: India formally divides flashpoint state

October 31, 2019 - 2:19am
It's part of a controversial move to tighten the Indian government's control of the region.
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CIA-backed Afghan troops 'committed war crimes': report

October 31, 2019 - 2:13am
Human Rights Watch reports that Afghan forces committed "extrajudicial killings" and other abuses.
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Indian journalists 'targeted' by Whatsapp spyware

October 31, 2019 - 1:58am
India has 400 million WhatsApp users, making the country the Facebook-owned service's biggest market.
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Jho Low: US to recover $700m from 1MDB financier

October 31, 2019 - 12:11am
High-end real estate and a luxury hotel will be forfeited as part of the settlement with financier Jho Low.
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Shuri Castle: Fire engulfs 500-year-old world heritage site in Japan

October 30, 2019 - 11:37pm
Shuri Castle, in Okinawa, was built 500 years ago in the Ryukyu Dynasty and is a World Heritage Site.
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Shuri Castle: Massive fire erupts at Japan's 500-year-old site

October 30, 2019 - 10:32pm
It's a Unesco World Heritage site and has been designated a national treasure.
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