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Brazil 4-1 South Korea: Dazzling Brazil dismantle South Korea to set up quarter-final against Croatia

December 5, 2022 - 4:11pm
Brazil deliver an ominous message to their World Cup rivals with a dazzling display of attacking brilliance to dismantle South Korea and set up a quarter-final against Croatia.
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World Cup 2022: Japan 1-1 Croatia (1-3 on pens): Dominik Livakovic saves three penalties

December 5, 2022 - 1:15pm
Goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic is the hero, saving three penalties in the shootout, as Croatia edge past Japan with a 3-1 victory to reach the World Cup quarter-finals.
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Mount Semeru: Indonesian volcano spews ash 15km into sky

December 5, 2022 - 8:23am
Nearly 2,000 people have been evacuated from the area around Mount Semeru.
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China Covid: Xi's face-saving exit from his signature policy

December 5, 2022 - 7:17am
If you want to know what the government's plan is, look at what it does rather than what it says.
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2022 World Cup: Asian teams an emerging force against football giants

December 5, 2022 - 5:31am
Asia's growing strength on the football field is on full display at this year's World Cup.
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China fire was government's fault - victim's daughter

December 5, 2022 - 4:12am
There were widespread protests after 10 people died in a tower block fire in the city of Urumqi.
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Tasmanian tiger: Remains of last thylacine found in cupboard after 85 years

December 4, 2022 - 11:42pm
The pelt and skull of the last known thylacine are identified in Hobart, solving an 85-year mystery.
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Chinese astronauts return to Earth after six-month mission

December 4, 2022 - 8:59pm
The astronauts carried out a successful mission to build the Tiangong space station, China says.
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Meta, Amazon, Twitter layoffs: 'Tech layoffs won't destroy American dreams of Indians’

December 4, 2022 - 7:42pm
Surbhi Gupta, who was laid off in the US, on the uncertainties she and other visa holders are dealing with.
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China protests: Why is it struggling to vaccinate the elderly?

December 4, 2022 - 7:20pm
China has not vaccinated enough old people, making it difficult to abandon its zero-Covid policy.
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Taiwan's front-line battle against mobile phone fraud

December 4, 2022 - 7:07pm
How Taiwanese phone fraud fighters are able to warn the world about the latest scams.
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Mount Semeru: Indonesia raises alert to highest level as volcano erupts on Java island

December 4, 2022 - 7:26am
Nearly 2,000 people are told to leave the area of Mount Semeru, as "hot avalanches" of lava pour from it.
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Gujarat: The difficult lives of India's salt workers

December 3, 2022 - 8:20pm
India is one of the major producers of salt but farmers who harvest it live in dismal conditions.
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377A repeal: Singapore turns page on dark LGBT history

December 3, 2022 - 8:08pm
The repeal of a gay sex ban ends a period where authorities actively targeted homosexual men.
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The gory new game that's been cancelled in Japan

December 3, 2022 - 7:46pm
The Callisto Protocol has been cancelled in Japan for being too gruesome but its makers are unapologetic.
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South Korea: Former security advisor arrested over border killing 'cover-up'

December 3, 2022 - 10:19am
Suh Hoon is accusing covering up events surrounding the killing of an official by North Korea.
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Chennai: Transfer of 1,000 India crocodiles raises thorny question

December 2, 2022 - 8:30pm
The reptiles are being moved from a breeding centre to a far-away zoo, making conservationists uncomfortable.
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'I'm living in fear for my life in Afghanistan'

December 2, 2022 - 8:14pm
The UK is failing on its promise to help the most vulnerable Afghans come to the UK, MPs and charities say.
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Anwar Ibrahim: Honeymoon as Malaysian PM will be brutally short

December 2, 2022 - 8:13pm
He finally got his dream job - but Anwar Ibrahim faces a divided country and a weak economy.
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Indonesia set to punish sex before marriage with jail time

December 2, 2022 - 11:36am
The parliament is set to pass a new law which would also outlaw pre-marital cohabitation.
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